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This Is The Re-Mux

April 3, 2008 Comments off

Thanks to a Twitter post from Sarah Lane I got hipped to a site called MuxTape, where you can upload your MP3’s and make a “mix tape” to share with your friends over the internets. It’s kind of like You Tube but for music, and it lets you create a play list so that you can set the song order.

I gotta tell you that I’m lovin the concept, being a DJ I have come across plenty of songs that I’ve wanted to share with others. Unfortunately other than having them buy the CD solely on my recommendation or illegally download the song (something that I would never endorse) I haven’t really found a good way do this… until now!

So I’ve taken the liberty of uploading a couple of songs that I’ve remixed or extended for play in the club. Most of them stem from the original being just way too damn short to get away with playing or from the “No Rap Rule” we have. So keep in mind that these songs were intended to be played in a strip club and have hot stripper chicks dancing to them while they play… hehehe

Admittedly I’m no professional when it comes to remixing a song, but I’m kinda proud of what I’ve been able to do so far, and inevitably whenever I play one in the club someone always asks about it. Always makes me feel good when something I did just to satisfy the curiosity of rather I could do it or not gets me a little praise from total strangers. I’m generally a shy person, but when you get me in the DJ booth I love to show off, and in a gentleman’s club if you can get the customers to shift their attention from the ½ naked woman on the stage to the 300 lbs Mexican guy in the DJ booth… you’ve gotta be doing something!

Anyway, without further a due… here’s my MuxTape and the play list:

AFI – Prelude 12/21
Digital Underground – April Showers
Kid Rock & Metallica – American Bad Ass (Sad But True)
I.C.P. – Fire Rain

And as long as I’m giving out “Twitter Plugs” don’t forget to check out my tweets @



January 22, 2008 Comments off

OK, yea I’m still alive. *lol* So where have I been you may ask. Well that’s not such a long story, and I aim to tell ya… those fuckin iPods are evil! I’ve spent the better part of a month building my iToons library, obsessively ripping every DVD I own, editing the ID3 tags for damn near every goddamned Mp3 I have, and manually getting the album art for every fuckin movie and song in my library (before I realized that iToons will do that for you automatically if you register an account).

I’ve neglected almost everything in my personal life, my office is a shambles, I haven’t so much as dusted my toy collection, and other than checking the stats to my blog every once and a while, I haven’t done anything on the computer in weeks. Seriously: Why the fuck do I need to have every episode of Babylon 5 in Mp4 format? Do I really need to carry around all seven seasons of Deep Space 9 in my pocket? And I just finished watching every episode of Entourage, in order, less than a month ago!

*Fuckin OCD*

Geeezus, if you have OCD or even OCD-like tendencies, seriously stay the fuck away from these things they’ll destroy your life. I’ve turned into some sleep deprived audio/video-phile fruit cup. I stay up all night, until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore, ripping movies, I haven’t shut my laptop off since x-mas, and whenever I’m away from it; I have my iPod on… I sleep with the damn thing on for fucks sake!

So what snapped my outta my self imposed iPod isolation? Go-Bots! That’s right, those little generic half-assed transformer wannabe toys from the 80s. While waiting for a movie to download (legally, of coarse), I found an auction on eBay for the Go-Bots Power-Suit Combiner: Grungy with the box, Styrofoam, and enough bots to fill the suits for what I thought was a good price, so I did the “Buy It Now” and now I’m eagerly awaiting a package in the mail (LOL). But that got me thinking about some of the Go-Bots I had as a kid, and started looking for some of them too.

That brings me to my current dilemma. Much like Transformers, Go-Bots were originally sold under another name in Asia, Machine Robo, before they were re-branded and brought over to the States. I found the Japanese version of one of my favorite Go-Bots, Mint In the Box (MIB), from a toy store in Asia for a decent price and now I’m trying to figure out how to finagle enough money to snag him up before somebody else does. I don’t have too many bots that I want to part with, but I’ve been playing with the idea of selling my G.I. Joe collection to get enough money to buy him. I’ve got the entire 25th Anniversary line (Mint On the Card) all the way up to wave 5, including all of the variants except Snake Eyes with the black Timber, that should net me enough to pay for it plus some.

I really haven’t had much of an interest in them lately, but I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t been able to find them for a while or if it’s because I’ve genuinely lost interest in them. I originally wanted to get the complete line and keep them all MISB/MOSC, but I’ve been looking at all of the planned releases for the line, and those little buggers are gonna break me. It was fine when I thought they were just going to be a filler line until the next line was ready for production, but they’re starting to look like they may be Hasbro’s main line for a while. I’ve got the entire line pre-ordered through BBTS all the way up to wave 7, along with all the comic book 2 packs, and I can see these getting really expensive in the future.

On the other hand, I’ve got a really good start on the line and if I sell what I’ve already got, I may never be able to afford to get them back.

It’s a stupid thing to have to worry about, especially with the economy the way it is and all, but… DAMN IT, I REALLY WANT THAT BOT!

Gangsta vs. Gangster

January 4, 2008 2 comments

OK, first post of the new year. Although I have whirlwind of things in my mind that I could write about, I’ve decided to show my “Generation X” (and my age) a little bit, and settled on this: Gangsta vs. Gangster.

“This life we live, this thing of ours, it’s not like it used to be…” OK, all joking aside, I’ve been listening to a lot of hip-hop lately thanks to my new iPod, and to be honest with you… it’s all crap! Now just to clarify; I grew up on hip-hop, I love rap music, and there are still a few artists that I listen to regularly. I like Xzibit, The Game, Scarface and I love Knoc-turn’al’s delivery style, but in today’s hip-hop scene there seems to be no shortage of rappers claiming to be gangstas, bragging about their cars, all the Crystal they drink, and the platinum around there necks and on their teeth. I grew up in the hood, I know what it’s like, for the longest time my whole word consisted of about a three mile radius and I didn’t even know what the fuck platinum was until Ice Cube’s War & Peace album came out! Then they want me to believe that they got all that from selling dope? BULLSHIT!

When I was coming up, you didn’t sell dope so that you could have all that flashy shit, you did it so you could survive, you did it as a means to put food on the table and keep a roof over your head. You did it because there was no other way to make it. I see so many of these so called “gangsta’s” fucking up their lives just so that they can be “cool” it’s pathetic. Hip-hop may have coined the phrase “gangsta” as a new age version of being a “gangster“, but what it’s become has turned into such a twisted and diluted version of itself it’s almost funny.

Being a gangster means being about your money and respect, cool never enters into the equation. If you’re not in the “life” for money then you don’t need to be in the life. If you just want to be cool then by all means, join a fuckin boy band, because being a gangster ain’t for children, and only children worry about being cool.

I’ve done my share of illegal shit when I was young, in search of money and I’ve got the criminal record to prove it, but you can be a gangster and have that “gangster mentality” without ever having to break the law. I run an adult club for a living, perfectly legal, but if you run a tab in my club… You.Will.Pay.It. One way or another I’m going to get my money, I’m not saying I’ll do anything illegal to get it, but they always pay… and I’ll leave it at that.

On the other hand I know more than a few people who were given opportunities that I would have given my right nut for, and totally fucked it up because they wanted to be cool. There’s this kid, I’ll call him Zack, that comes into the club every once in a while. He has a good paying job at a local factory pulling down about $15 an hour, but about a month or two ago he got busted by the police with over 75 individually packaged crack rocks selling them to undercover cops. That’s just stupid! He fucked up a job where he was making over 30K a year, and any future jobs he may have gotten, all over a little extra spending money and trying to impress his friends… that’s not gangster.

I should note that I knew he was a dope dealer, because at my club we have a zero tolerance policy for drug dealers, and I had to pull him aside one night and explain to him how important it was for his future to not sell dope in my club, and as long as he abided by my rules, I didn’t care where his money came from. But I had no clue he actually had a job until after he got busted.

This other kid I went to school with, Tim, has a Dad that’s a doctor, a Mom that’s a lawyer, and got accepted into a good college, but he’s sitting in prison for breaking and entering, and selling stolen guns. Again, not gangster.

Another guy I know, I’ll call him Mike, grew up dirt poor, he’s a convicted felon, has a newborn baby, and busts his ass doing whatever odd job he can find (legal and on occasion “not so legal“) to put food on the table for his family. He’s worked hard to get his G.E.D. and a partial collage education, but just can’t seem to catch a break. He’s a gangster.

The argument can be made that they were nothing more than “posers”, pretending to be gangsta’s, but to take a step back an look at hip-hop, that’s what it’s made up of. Rap has went from being music for and from the streets, to being music for the clubs and dance floors, and as a consequence that is what it has become, music for all those posers to listen to while they’re out at the club, so that they can feel like they are from the streets, and pretend to be gangsters.

Common – I Used To Love Her

Old School

November 30, 2007 3 comments

OK, so a couple of old friends stopped by the club the other day, and I’m talkin’ “old friends”, I’ve known these two since Jr. High or longer. We got on the subject of music and what we used to listen to “back in the day”, and… well, lets see if these don’t take you back to a “Jr. High Dance” or two (if they don’t, then your too fuckin’ young to be reading my blog anyway, LOL).


I remember when I first realized how old I was: I was on Napster (when it used to be free) looking for a song by Slick Rick, and I couldn’t remember the name of it. So I figured that I would just pop into the rap chat room and ask. Everybody in there claimed to “know” old school, so I tried to explain how the song went, and was met with “Slick Rick? Who’s that?” “I wasn’t even alive in the 80s” “I thought you meant old school like Dr. Dre – G Thang!”

Fuckin’ twerps! I was still listening to that album at that time.

Anyway the song I was lookin’ for was Slick Rick – I Shouldn’t Have Done It and apparently they won’t let me post it in my blog, so you have to click the link to see it, or just enjoy this other video


Slick Rick


Boyz II Men, ABC, BBD: “The East Coast Family”…

Bell Biv DeVoe


At the playground, ya knooooow…

Another Bad Creation



Boyz II Men

Bum stickity bum stickity bum bum…

Das Efx

Yes, that’s really Nas…


MC Serch


Look closely, see if you can find 2Pac dancin’ in the background. Oh yea, I never forgot where ya came from Pac…

Digital Underground

Oh yea, and before he was a porno star, check out Son Doobie…


Funk Doobiest

And of coarse, who could forget the first Rock/Rap colabo…



Super Cat


Heavy D

Man do these videos bring back alot of memories… to be young again.


Oh yea, and who could forget the biggest rap rivalry of its time: Dr. Dre & Eazy-E

Dr. Dre

And the reply…


Musical Revolation

September 29, 2007 Comments off

Not much going on still other than the usual work bullshit and this damned Senate Bill 16/Issue 1 stuff, but I’m not trying to dwell on that stuff right now. I’ve let it take over too much of my life and just need to take a minute or two for myself… then I can go back to the usual grind of fighting the C.C.V. and protecting American Freedoms! LOL

I thought I’d take a couple of seconds and share a recent musical discovery with you, Maksim Mrvica, a Neo-Classical artist I happened to stumble upon not too long ago. Somebody gave me a link to “Nostradamus” and I was hooked. I’ve really been into Industrial Rock thing here lately but I love music that has a kind of “orchestral” feel to it too, and this was just the perfect blend of those two things… awesomesauce I’m telling ya, awesomesauce!

Neo-Classical is not a genera of music that I’m very familiar with but it’s defiantly one that’s got me hooked. Here’s a couple of links to some vids by him, check em out and lemme know what ya think


Child In Paradise


Fun Fun Fun!

August 20, 2007 2 comments

Ok, so I’ve had a chance to rest… kind of. I spent the day at a political fund raiser that my boss was throwing for a candidate down in Southern Ohio, all and all it was rather relaxing , but that’s a story for another day 🙂

Last night went off almost without a hitch, and everybody had a GREAT time. We gave away free lap dances, T-shirts, adult movies, sex toys, and all kinds of crazy shit! Local radio personality The Big Kahuna came out, did a live radio broadcast, and had all kinds of concert tickets and stuff to give out, it was a blast. Not to mention we had our “Battle of the Beauties: Topless Boxing Contest”… WOW! Talk about a show, these girls really went at it!

For the boxing it was “winner take all”, we had the guys throw money out on the stage while the girls fought, and at the end of the third round they got to decide who the winner was by applause. Whoever won got all the money out on the stage and the loser didn’t get anything.

At one point I told the guys that I was going to give away 4 free lap dances, but they had to get around the stage and make some noise, because I was only going to pick the four loudest/craziest guys from the crowd for the dances. Once I found a couple of guys to get up on stage, I let them pick any girl they wanted for a free dance, and grabbed a chair for each one to sit on. Then just as promised, I gave away four free lap dances: I told the ladies to have a seat, and the guys to start dancing… they went fucking nuts! The crowd loved it, and so did the girls. LOL

Only 358 more days until I have to start worrying about this again :/

Anyways I’m still kind of tired so without further ado… here are some pics! Sorry fellas, no nudity 😦

Enjoy 🙂

Me & Kahuna

Me & Kahuna

Kahuna & Ed

Kahuna & Ed

D.D. & Kahuna on the radio

D.D. & Kahuna on the radio

Me & D.D.

Me & D.D.

Kahuna & Tony

Kahuna & Tony

Kiss and come out swinging!

Kiss and come out swinging…

It’s finally over… Booooo….

August 19, 2007 1 comment

So it came and went; another anniversary party has passed, and believe it or not it all ended before I was ready to stop. My body hurts, I have no voice, and my ears are ringing like bells at a Mike Tyson fight, but it all went well. I’m too tired to go into all of the details right now, and after rocking a 10+ hour party I need some rest, but I’ll fill you in on all of the finer points and post some pics after I get some sleep.