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Canzo Empyrean… Need I Say More?

March 30, 2008 16 comments

So I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting a lot of hits on my blog from over the Canzo Empyrean trailer, a video that I found while looking for some footage from the upcoming live action G.I. Joe movie. I found the preview by accident but let me tell you, I want to see this movie so bad I’m practically foaming at the mouth!

Anyway, I thought I’d take some time and share with everyone else, some of the stuff I’ve found since stumbling across it, but first off for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here’s the original trailer that started the whole thing:

Awesome! That’s all I can say… Awesome.

So here are some more video clips that I’ve been lucky enough to come across since I initially found the preview


Canzo Empyrean Kinolingus Erectus

Harry, a reader in Monrovia Liberia who heads up a local fan club for the movie, was nice enough to send me this link of Chancellor (the mastermind behind it all) promoting what I’m assuming to be the movie premier over there:

Here are a couple of the more innovative marketing adds that I’ve came across too:

Pastor Phil takes on Canzo Empyrean

This is the best one so far but for some reason he has disabled the Embed option on the video so you’ll have to click on the link, but trust me; it’s worth it!

Bletting the Medlars

“Big Up” Harry for all the info and links you provided!

Final thoughts? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “I.HAVE.TO.SEE.THIS.MOVIE!


Just Me Being A Geek

February 23, 2008 Comments off

OK, so my laptop finally crapped out on me the other day. It didn’t stop working all together, but for some reason my mouse pad and keyboard just decided that they no longer liked their stations in life and just weren’t going to participate anymore… go figure. *shrug* The easy work around was to snag the mouse and keyboard off of my home PC and hook them up to my laptop, but that’s more or less rendered my laptop “not so portable” anymore. I do a lot of my writing at work or on the road, so until I bite the bullet and find replacement parts or just go out and get a new laptop (I’m really pulling for the new laptop BTW), I really don’t have a convenient way to write right now… so my apologies for the lack of posts here lately.

So what’s been going on in my life here lately, other than a broken laptop? Oh where should I begin? Lets start with what’s new on the Transformers collecting scene, that always puts me in a good mood.

All the stuff from my “I sold my 25th Anniversary G.I. Joes Haul” came in, Devil Satan 6 is the awsum! He’s in better shape than he looked like in the pictures and that made me extremely happy. The TF Jr’s were indeed unopened, and I was indeed the first person to free them from their “Styrofoam Prisons”, and when I posted about it on TFW it sparked an offer from another collector for two of the six figures that form Raiden Jr. *SCORE* And the Collector’s Club Exclusives were everything I thought they would be, so all in all it was a great series of transactions; I made way more off of my Joe’s than I thought I would, and when it came time to spend it I got a lot of ridiculous deals on the stuff I wanted.

Here recently, I’ve stumbled into some great deals too. I snagged five of the six figures that form Piranacon from the original Generation 1 Transformers series for a fraction of what they were worth, due to the seller not knowing how to spell his name correctly. I’ve had the sixth figure needed to complete him laying around for a while now and never figured I’d be able to complete it because of his ridiculous price so I’m not complaining. On top of that I was able to work out a deal with another collector for a bunch of the parts I needed to complete my newly acquired Piranacon, along with parts for my G1 Metroplex and Trypticon, so now I just need to get the big gun for Pirranacon, and the smaller guns for Scamper and Full Tilt, and I’ll have all three figures 100% complete. If all goes well with this deal, I should be able to get most, if not all, of the parts I need to complete Scorponok from the same guy too… so n00b3rz eatz0r your heart out, lol. I’ve been wheeling and dealing so much here lately, I feel like a fucking Ferangi 🙂 , but so far 08 has been turning out to be a great year for collecting, at least for me anyways. Here’s to hoping it continues *cheers*

I’ve been trying my hand at photography here lately too, not so much like professional photography but more like product photography (?). I built a small light tent and have been taking pictures of some of my TFs to try and hone my skills. I’m having a little trouble with the white balance and getting my backgrounds to turn out completely white, they tend to have a slightly blue tint to them but I’m encouraged by the results so far. My wife’s been a major help, she the Photographer not me; I just take pictures, and yes there is a difference. Here’s a few I took with little or no Photoshoping, other then cropping the pictures down to size.

I’d really like to get good enough to submit some of my stuff to the TFW galleries, because I have quite a few figures that they are missing from there and they have been such a great help in collecting for me I’d like to give something back. Other than that I don’t really know what I would do with those said skills other than have really good looking images for anything I sell on eBay, lol. I guess I’ve always been like that; I just like to know how things work, see if I can do it, and then I lose interest in it. Kind of like, way back, when I only had a webTV and I decided to write my own IRC chat program for it completely in HTML. I worked day and night on it for about a month, and once I finished it, I never gave it a second thought. The key with that is that WebTV recognizes one HTML command that normal computers don’t: wtvchat or or something like that (It’s been a reeeeealy long time ago), but once I did it I quickly lost interest in it because there was no challenge left behind it other then coming up with snappy little saying to pop up when someone clicked the little button.

Anyways, I’ve rambled on long enough… Peace!

Penny Free Shopping Spree

January 31, 2008 Comments off

So I did it, after less than a week of deliberating I decided to sell off most of my G.I. Joe collection. I got rid of my entire 25th Anniversary line of Joes, variants and all, save my MOC 2007 SDCC Pimp Daddy Destro. I just couldn’t bring myself to get rid of him, I like the story behind him too much and it’s kind of like owning a piece of history.

After asking around on some of the forums that I frequent, I was kind of skeptical about how much money I could get for them, but as usual eBay never lets me down. I’m not gonna tell you exactly how much I got for them, but it was defiantly more than what most of the collectors on the boards said I would get. The one that really suppressed me was my MOC “Yellow Variant” Sgt. Stalker… geezus! I should have set my “Buy It Now” price a lot higher, it sold in less than 12 hours at what I thought was a ridiculously high price. I guess with there only being one other one listed on eBay at the time and only had full sold for the entire month on January, I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I only pad $5.00 for the damn thing. 🙂

So now it’s time to say goodbye to my, short lived, stint in G.I. Joe collecting, and start looking forward to all those packages that’ll soon be arriving in the mail… w00t!

So what did I get in exchange for a full year’s worth of Joe collecting? I’m glad you asked, here he is the piece that started it all… a MIB Japanese “Pre Go-Bots” Devil Satan 6.


He’s the original version of Monsterous, my “childhood grail”, that I was able to complete over the summer. I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking through other people’s collections, and I’ve never even seen one before, let alone found one for sale… so I’m happy! He’s single handedly the second most expensive piece that I’ve bought, second only to my Brave Maximus. I did come across a blog where the writer said he paid well over $500 at a convention for his, and it wasn’t in as good of shape as this one, so he’ll stand tall for a long time as the most valuable piece I own.

But that’s not all folks! I also got a MIB set of Transformer JR’s, a short lived Japanese only line of “shrunken” G-1 Transformers, containing: Chromedome, Optimus Prime, and Fortress Maximus. The guy I got them from says that the box has never actually been opened, but due to age the tape has lost it’s adhesion and it’s technically no longer sealed. So no MISB for me, but that’s ok: I would have just opened em up anyways.

MISB Collector’s Club exclusives: Astrotrain, Landquake, & Skyfall

And a set of lenses and filters for the camera that I bought my wife for Christmas. (A Sony Alpha A-100 if you’re wondering)

SCORE! Not a bad little haul, if I do say so myself, and it didn’t even cost me a penny out of my pocket. Now all that’s left is to wait for the mailman to drop them off on my doorstep: all bought and paid for but still no pay off… LOL.


January 22, 2008 Comments off

OK, yea I’m still alive. *lol* So where have I been you may ask. Well that’s not such a long story, and I aim to tell ya… those fuckin iPods are evil! I’ve spent the better part of a month building my iToons library, obsessively ripping every DVD I own, editing the ID3 tags for damn near every goddamned Mp3 I have, and manually getting the album art for every fuckin movie and song in my library (before I realized that iToons will do that for you automatically if you register an account).

I’ve neglected almost everything in my personal life, my office is a shambles, I haven’t so much as dusted my toy collection, and other than checking the stats to my blog every once and a while, I haven’t done anything on the computer in weeks. Seriously: Why the fuck do I need to have every episode of Babylon 5 in Mp4 format? Do I really need to carry around all seven seasons of Deep Space 9 in my pocket? And I just finished watching every episode of Entourage, in order, less than a month ago!

*Fuckin OCD*

Geeezus, if you have OCD or even OCD-like tendencies, seriously stay the fuck away from these things they’ll destroy your life. I’ve turned into some sleep deprived audio/video-phile fruit cup. I stay up all night, until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore, ripping movies, I haven’t shut my laptop off since x-mas, and whenever I’m away from it; I have my iPod on… I sleep with the damn thing on for fucks sake!

So what snapped my outta my self imposed iPod isolation? Go-Bots! That’s right, those little generic half-assed transformer wannabe toys from the 80s. While waiting for a movie to download (legally, of coarse), I found an auction on eBay for the Go-Bots Power-Suit Combiner: Grungy with the box, Styrofoam, and enough bots to fill the suits for what I thought was a good price, so I did the “Buy It Now” and now I’m eagerly awaiting a package in the mail (LOL). But that got me thinking about some of the Go-Bots I had as a kid, and started looking for some of them too.

That brings me to my current dilemma. Much like Transformers, Go-Bots were originally sold under another name in Asia, Machine Robo, before they were re-branded and brought over to the States. I found the Japanese version of one of my favorite Go-Bots, Mint In the Box (MIB), from a toy store in Asia for a decent price and now I’m trying to figure out how to finagle enough money to snag him up before somebody else does. I don’t have too many bots that I want to part with, but I’ve been playing with the idea of selling my G.I. Joe collection to get enough money to buy him. I’ve got the entire 25th Anniversary line (Mint On the Card) all the way up to wave 5, including all of the variants except Snake Eyes with the black Timber, that should net me enough to pay for it plus some.

I really haven’t had much of an interest in them lately, but I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t been able to find them for a while or if it’s because I’ve genuinely lost interest in them. I originally wanted to get the complete line and keep them all MISB/MOSC, but I’ve been looking at all of the planned releases for the line, and those little buggers are gonna break me. It was fine when I thought they were just going to be a filler line until the next line was ready for production, but they’re starting to look like they may be Hasbro’s main line for a while. I’ve got the entire line pre-ordered through BBTS all the way up to wave 7, along with all the comic book 2 packs, and I can see these getting really expensive in the future.

On the other hand, I’ve got a really good start on the line and if I sell what I’ve already got, I may never be able to afford to get them back.

It’s a stupid thing to have to worry about, especially with the economy the way it is and all, but… DAMN IT, I REALLY WANT THAT BOT!

G.I. Joe Movie Preview “?”

December 12, 2007 8 comments

I didn’t really wanna do another “movie preview” post yet, or possibly ever, but I was on YouTube looking to see if anyone had leaked a movie preview for the new G.I. Joe Movie yet and found this. I should warn you, slightly disturbing would be a huge understatement. Yet I keep watching it.

I don’t think this is the actual trailer for the movie, but someone put in a hell of a lot of work into making this. And if this turns out to actually be real, it may make up for Hollywood taking the “America” out of “The Real American Heroes”, and be teh m0s7 awsum thing I’ve ever seen.

This is the clip that Harry linked to in his reply for those of you that didn’t want to take the time to click the link… awesome!

That was almost as disturbing as the preview… I.Have.To.See.This.Movie!

Thanks Harry 🙂

Joes & Photoshop

December 3, 2007 Comments off

Just like the title says “G.I. Joes + Photoshop = all teh funs”















November 2, 2007 1 comment

Well I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and I apologize. This whole Senate Bill thing has left me so physically and mentally drained that I haven’t had much time for anything else other than work lately.

I started off today with the intention of writing something about my latest obsession in collecting, G.I. Joes, just so that I could say that I wrote something. Yea I know that’s kind of a cop-out but “hey I’ve been fuckin’ busy, and that’s not how it worked out anyways. So no harm, no foul… right?”

I often joke about having O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) because of my obsessive collecting of things and need to have them neatly organized and displayed… no matter what they are. I’ve always had these tendencies and they run in my family. With my aunt and grandmother its M&M figures, with my uncle its die-cast NASCAR models, and for me it used to be CD’s. I would spend entire paychecks at Sam Goodie and Media Play on CD’s and hours meticulously categorizing, organizing, and cleaning them each week. Then it was DVD’s, Homies, Low-Rider cars, and books. Now Transformers and more recently G.I. Joes have been added to the ranks of useless shit that I’ve started collecting.

Despite all the jokes and ribbing, I’ve never actually taken the time to read anything about this disease. I had no clue as to what it actually was or any or the symptoms until today. During my half assed blog entry, I made a half assed reference to it and decided to check it out for myself… “Ya gotta love Google!”

listed the symptoms as this:

Symptoms may include some, all, or perhaps none of the following:

  • Repeated hand washing.
  • Repeated clearing of the throat, although nothing may need to be cleared.
  • Specific counting systems — e.g., counting in groups of four, arranging objects in groups of three, grouping objects in odd/even numbered groups, etc.
  • One serious symptom which stems from this is “counting” steps — e.g., feeling the necessity to take 12 steps to the car in the morning.
  • Perfectly aligning objects at complete, absolute right angles, or aligning objects perfectly parallel etc. This symptom is shared with OCPD and can be confused with this condition unless it is realized that in OCPD it is not stress-related.
  • Having to “cancel out” bad thoughts with good thoughts. Examples of bad thoughts are:
  • Imagining harming a child and having to imagine a child playing happily to cancel it out.
  • Sexual obsessions or unwanted sexual thoughts. Two classic examples are fear of being homosexual or fear of being a pedophile. In both cases, sufferers will obsess over whether or not they are genuinely aroused by the thoughts.
  • Strange and chronic worried about certain events such as sleeping, eating, leaving home, etc without proper items. An example would be one who literally can’t fall asleep without a metronome.
  • A fear of contamination (see Mysophobia); some sufferers may fear the presence of human body secretions such as saliva, sweat, tears, vomit, or mucus, or excretions such as urine or feces. Some OCD sufferers even fear that the soap they’re using is contaminated.
  • A need for both sides of the body to feel even. A person with OCD might walk down a sidewalk and step on a crack with the ball of their left foot, then feel the need to step on another crack with the ball of their right foot. If one hand gets wet, the sufferer may feel very uncomfortable if the other is not. If the sufferer is walking and bumps into something, he/she may hit the object or person back to feel a sense of evenness. These symptoms are also experienced in a reversed manner. Some sufferers would rather things to be uneven, favoring the preferred side of the body.
  • An obsession with numbers (be it in maths class, watching TV, or in the room). Some people are obsessed with even numbers while loathing odd numbers (they cause them a great deal of anxiety and often make the person uncomfortable or even angry) or vice versa.
  • Twisting the head on a toy around, then twisting it all the way back exactly in the opposite direction.(see even body section)

“Motherfucker! I have all of those, and I don’t mean just a little bit either, that entire article couldn’t have been more about me if it had my fuckin’ name, address, and social security number at the top!”

I don’t do the “hand washing” thing, but I compulsively clean my ears. If I see a Q-tip I can’t help it, I have to take three of them out and clean my ears, even if I just did it an hour ago. Needless to say, my wife has learned to hide them, I can go through a whole box in a week if they’re left out, but if I don’t see them; “No problem”. *weird*

Some of the other things I do never even crossed my mind as being O.C.D. related; constantly clearing my throat, counting things/steps, aligning things in perfect parallels or right angles, obsession with even numbers, and public bathrooms? “Fugetaboutit, I could catch something“. *fuck*

It wasn’t until less than a month ago that I was able to cook chicken for the first time since I moved out on my own, for fear of salmonella. Less than a year since I’ve been able to cook pork, and I burnt the shit out of it just so that I could make sure that it was done all the way through. I love chicken, and sausage is one of my favorite foods, but unless someone else cooks it I worry about stupid shit like that. Microwave chicken patties and nuggets; I can eat them like I’m an Ethiopian because I know they are already cooked, but no go on buying raw poultry and preparing it myself. *geezus*

The only good thing that came out of reading that article is that it put to rest (slightly) one of my phobias. I’ve never admitted this to anyone, or even spoken it out loud, until now. But I’ve literally lost sleep staying awake at night, worrying myself sick, to the point of feeling physically nauseous, because I was afraid that I might turn into a pedophile. I’ve gone as far as to plan out what I would do, and what I would say to my family before I left if it actually got those urges.


In an attempt to further relate the immense distress that those afflicted with this condition must bear, Barlow and Durand (2006) use the following example. They implore readers not to think of pink elephants. Their point lies in the assumption that most people will immediately create an image of a pink elephant in their minds, even though told not to do so. The more one attempts to stop thinking of these colorful animals, the more one will continue to generate these mental images. This phenomenon is termed the “Thought Avoidance Paradox”, and it plagues those with OCD on a daily basis, for no matter how hard one tries to get these disturbing images and thoughts out of one’s mind, feelings of distress and anxiety inevitably prevail. Although everyone may experience unpleasant thoughts at one time or another, these are usually warranted concerns that are short-lived and fade after an adequate time period has lapsed. However, this is not the case for OCD sufferers.

It’s that whole “pink elephant” thing alluded to in the article on Wikipedia. You see something on TV or read a news article about a child molester, and you have that image in your head. You tell yourself to not to think about those type of things even though they are not fantasies, and the more you try to “not think about it”, the more it weighs on your mind. It starts this whole downward spiral and you start to wander, “If I can’t stop thinking about it, does it make me one?” “Could I ever hurt my daughter the way he hurt his child?”

Of coarse not! The mere thought of it is repulsive, and to say it out loud (or even see it in type) sounds’ fucking ridiculous, but that doesn’t stop you from working yourself into a suicidal depression over it… literally.suicidal.

I’m not sure how I feel about it now that I’m thoroughly convinced that I actually have O.C.D. I’m not a medical doctor and I don’t have any kind of medical background, but damn near every sentence in that article pertained to me, it sent chills down my spine with every word. It was funny to make a joke about having it when I didn’t think that I actually had it because everyone would be laughing with me, but now it’ll be more like they’re all laughing at me instead.

I guess the discomfort is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that it gives over other things, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. One thing is for sure, I’m defiantly going to follow this up with a proper medical exam, and maybe I’ll self medicate myself tonight just for good measure… I’m just kidding, the days of partying and illegal drugs are long over for me. Seriously though, I don’t think it can hurt to get it checked out and maybe get some treatment. I’m noticing that the older and more set in my ways I get; the more vocal I am about things and it’s starting to cause problems in my home life. Nothing major yet, but the writing’s on the wall and it’d be better to take care of it now than wait until it’s too late and try to piece something together that’s already broken.