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And Some Heroes Came Along…

March 28, 2008

OK, so I just started watching Heroes for the first time at the recommendation of a friend… Awsum!

Admittedly, I didn’t give this show a fair shake at first. I don’t really have a whole lot of time for watching TV, so I have to pick and choose what shows I watch/DVR. I usually record one show a night (excluding various news shows) to watch and that’s enough to give me my TV fix for the night.

Just so happens that Heroes and Studio 60 both debuted on the same night and I chose the latter of the two for my after work entertainment. Then with Heroes being one of the major factors in Studio 60 getting canceled, like a spoiled child, I refused to watch it strictly out of spite… I still feel like Studio 60 had some of the best writing on television at the time and in the midst of all this reality television; if it had been given a different time slot it would have done very well.

So long story short: given the lack of new episodes of anything to watch (as a result of the recent writers strike), I’ve had some time to check out a few programs I wouldn’t have otherwise watched. I may have… um… lets say… acquired the first season of Heroes… *cough* torrents *cough* *cough*… I’m just kidding, I would never advocate the illegal downloading of copywrited materials from the internet, I bought them from Wal*Mart. :\ *rolls eyes*


Regardless… come next season they’ve got a new viewer, I’ve just got to get caught up by then. It’s a good thing my iPod holds 80 gigs worth of shit.


Just for the record: I did buy the first season, it just may not have been before I “previewed” it by other means, and it was money well spent! 🙂

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