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Super Tuesday

January 25, 2008

So Super Tuesday is fast approaching, and believe it or not, I’m actually looking forward to finding out the results. It’ll be nice to know which candidates are actually going to be getting their parties nominations, and know who my choices for the next President of the United States will be. Who am I pulling for? To honest with you, I don’t know yet. There are things about most of the candidates that I like and dislike at the same time.

When it all started, I was extremely “Pro Clinton” for the same reasons that I think most Americans were/are – her inseparable connection with Bill Clinton. But after listening to her flip-flop on so many issues I’ve really become uncertain about her. I hate to buy into all the media hype, but I really do feel like “she would say just about anything to get elected“. That’s left me unsure about where she really stands and what her points of view are on a lot of the issues, and most of all her character.

Ron Paul, what can I say? For a short time I thought about throwing my support his way, but in all honesty I don’t think he has enough pull to get the Republican nomination. The most (I think) he can hope for, is to stay in the race long enough to try and influence the other candidates. I think what killed it for me with Ron Paul was his association with those so called “Neo-Confederate” groups, not for the racial reasons that the media tried to make it about, but because I think we need a president that will unite this country and I can’t throw my support to someone associated with groups that want to tear this country apart.

Sorry Michelle, I know you’re a reader and I appreciated (and continue to appreciate) all of your support through our struggle here in Ohio with Senate Bill 16, but that’s my honest opinion. To anyone else not so familiar with Ron Paul, Michelle’s blog Lady Liberty is a great place to learn more about Mr. Paul and his campaign. Please do read it and make a decision for yourself, don’t let my jaded opinions sway your decisions… and believe me, they.are.jaded.

As of right now, and let me stress that I mean right now because it will probably change, I’m kind of pulling for Barack Obama. His apparent youth and inexperience was kind of off putting for me, but after hearing him speak and seeing how he carried himself during his campaign so far. I’m a big believer in character, and what is says about a person. You need to have a strong character to be a leader and so far he has impressed me with the amount of dignity he’s carried himself with.

So what influences who such a jaded individual from the “X” generation votes for? Well let me tell you: I look at what I like and don’t like about this country and try to pick the candidate that best fits my view on things, just like every other American.

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