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Random Thoughts At Work

January 23, 2008

Random thoughts about a customer in the club tonight:

What a fuckin freak! He’s just gonna spin right off this fuckin planet.

Could you possibly do any more drugs?!?!

I wander what color the sky is on whatever planet he came from. Do they speak English there? Cuz you’re kinda struggling with it right now.

Q: “So whatta you do?”

A: “Drugs”

WTF! I don’t think that was the answer she trying to get at bro.

I don’t think I’m the only person in here that don’t give a shit if you could take them into Wal*Mart and get them high for a full week on $10 with nutmeg. That’s not really an accomplishment!

Why the fuck would I sell food?! This is fucking titty-bar you moron! Got the muchies bro? Hmmmm

Q: “You need a cab? It only cost like $5 to get into town.”

A: “No thanks, I’m gonna need all my money for food and drugs. I don’t wanna waste it.”

You’re gonna fuckin walk? It’s 4 fuckin degrees outside! Idiot.

Good bye and good riddance! FRUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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