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BotCon 2008

November 30, 2007

Hey all! I just checked my eMail and guess what I found? Got an eMail from Brian at the Transformers Collectors Club with details about BotCon 2008. Read it and weep fellas, read it and weep!


Hello **** ***********!

Here is the start of the information you have all been waiting for:

BotCon 2008 will be held in Cincinnati, OH at the Duke Energy Center.

Convention dates are: April 24-28, 2008

The hotel is across the street and is the Hyatt Regency.
You can make your reservations online by using the link at BotCon.com or call:


Note: There will be tours and classes offered on Wednesday April 23 and
Thursday April 24. Currently Shawn will be teaching his class on Wednesday and again on Thursday so we will have 50 slots. We are also working on potential classes in sculpting and or molding as well. We can’t answer any specific questions currently but we wanted to give you a heads up for your hotel reservations needs.

Convention registration and details to follow….

Don’t delay as last year’s rooms went in less than a day….

Thanks for your support!


PS. The con set is really going to shatter your world….

Cincy, that’s drivabel for me! I could do that on a tank of gas. 0f coarse given current gas prices, it still might be cheaper for me to fly. lol

As much as I hate to give that city any of my money, with all the trouble I’ve had out of there latly… I’m soooooo there! Anybody else going?

I can’t believe Ohio got a second one, that’s so awesome it warrents a “Breakdancing Soundwave” LOL

    November 30, 2007 at 10:35 pm

    “im gonna go to botcon. hey. im gonna go to botcon. hey. im gonna go to botcon. hey…” my teenage daughter after hearing the news that a transformers convention was going to be just a few hours away told me i was the biggest nerd she knew and i said “im gonna go to botcon. HEY!”

  2. December 2, 2007 at 6:27 am

    Update from Brian,for all who care:

    Hello **** ***********!

    Sorry my bad…I looked at the last day the hotel rates are good. The convention dates are Thursday-Sunday 24-27. Format will be similar to the last 3 years.

    Sorry for the error.


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