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I’m on You Tube!

November 2, 2007

Talk about out of the blue… I got an email from my old partner in crime the other day, Tony Glasses. Seems he found some video from our old podcast the other day, and wanted to know if I had any objections with him putting it on YouTube.

Is he kidding? Of coarse not! I thought all that old shit was lost and gone forever, but now through the wonders of YouTube, you all can experience what was once called “The Restricted” in all its script kiddie greatness! OK well maybe only the trailer for now, but he’s supposed to be putting up some of the individual segments when he gets the time. I’m not sure when that’ll be, but for now… Enjoy!

Good Times & A lot of Beer!

Tony, we’ll have to collaborate on something again in the near future, it’s always a blast.

Joe, “Pimp Ass” editing on the video… you’re teh awsum!


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