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Ohio Senate Bill 16 / Issue 1 Pt. 2

October 4, 2007

OK, so it’s no big secret that this whole “Senate Bill 16 / Issue 1” thing is defiantly pushing all of us to the limit. Even though we were semi-prepared for such a battle, it’s one thing to think that you’re ready, and another to actually be ready. We’ve spent years getting ready for this, but I don’t think that any of us realized the stamina that was going to be required to win such a fight.

I feel a bit like Rocky Balboa in the last round of his fight with Clubber Lang. Sometimes it feels like it’s taking everything I have just to stay on my feet; I’m punch drunk, stumbling around, just going through the motions, but just when you feel like throwing in the towel you find just a little bit more fight buried somewhere deep down inside of you that you didn’t think you had. So you keep moving, stick, jab, block and come back with a left blow that would send even the strongest man flat on his back.

The owner of my club was one of the original four founding members of B.A.C.E., and as such he’s been a driving force in making sure that we continue to pull our weight during all of this. Between my club and our sister club, the girls have raised, on their own, more than a lot of other club owners have contributed to this battle. That’s not counting the money that’s been donated by the club’s themselves and their owners too, but let me tell you; this shit ain’t easy!

I’m drained, I’m tired, and I’m not the only one that feels this way. I’ve lost some very dear friends and valued employees during this fight. My “House Mom”, my go to person who helps me keep the girls in line and keeps me informed of all the little secrets that nobody wants to tell the manager, finally couldn’t take it anymore and quit on me Sunday. I knew the pressure was getting to her, but honestly, there was nothing I could do. It’s a lot like watching a slow motion train wreck, you see what’s happening, you want to do something, you want to stop it, but you’re helpless to do so.

Is it worth it? I don’t know. I believe in what we are fighting for. It’s not just my livelihood, but the livelihood of 10,000 other adult entertainers, from dancers to D.J.s to mangers, bouncers, bartenders and their children who depend on their income to survive. Not to mention, the fact that such legislation would severely impact the first amendment rights of all Americans. Today the religious right wing has targeted me, but where does it stop? Who is going to put these self righteous ass holes in their places?

The eyes of the entire adult entertainment industry are on us right now, because if Ohio falls; so will the rest of the country, one state at a time. Indiana already has plans to impose similar legislation if the C.C.V. is successful here, along with several other states. Ohio is serving as a testing ground for the religious right wing, and will provide a blueprint for other groups to follow, I know because the C.C.V. has gone on record as saying such.

I’ve said before that I know that adult entertainment is not for everyone, but everyone should have the option to choose if it’s for them or not. The religious right wing only accounts for about 10% of the population, but they seem to have the power to dictate how the other 90% of the population can and cannot live their lives. For example:

We’ve all stayed in a hotel at one point or another in our lives, and rather or not you took advantage of them you know that they offer pay-per-view movies both of a secular and adult nature. But have you stayed in a hotel in Ohio lately? If so have you noticed something missing from your entertainment options? That’s right, Phil Burress and his small group of extremists, approached every major hotel chain in the state and threatened them with a state wide boycott and more bad press that they could buy their way out of, unless they removed all of the adult content from their pay per view menus. The only chain that did not cave to his demands was the Marriot.

This small special interest group was able to bully several multi-million dollar companies, and make them bend to their will with the threat of being demonized in the press. The Hilton family, a family with so much money that you would think that they print that shit in their basements, ran from these people. But I aim to tell you, if it takes a small group of clubs in Ohio to shut these ass holes up then I guess we’re just going to have to be them mother fuckers!

Got my fight back? It never left!

“I may be drained and running on “E”, but goddamn it I ain’t going out without a fight! and if I gotta go down; I’m going down guns a’ blazin’, at least I’ll have my self-respect! I will not fade silently into the night, and I will not be bullied by some self righteous ass hole who thinks he knows what’s best for me and the rest of the country! If these ass holes want to fuck with me, they’re gonna remember they fucked with me!”

The C.C.V. likes to tell people that adult entertainment promotes prostitution and drug use, but what they don’t tell you is that there have been numerous studies that prove otherwise and debunk their religiously bias misquotations. I offer to you an article written by Joseph C. Sommer of Columbus, someone obviously more educated on these matters than myself, as it appeared in several newspapers around the state:


Senate bill could raise crime rates


Supporters of Senate Bill 16, which places statewide restriction on adult businesses, repeatedly claimed that those businesses cause crime and other social problems. Little attention has been paid, however, to research disputing their position and indicating that their extreme anti-sex attitude is what actually harms society.

The claim that adult businesses cause crime and other problems has been debunked by a number of studies, including those performed by Daniel Linz, a professor in the law and society program at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

In published research, Linz and his colleagues examine the studies purporting to link negative secondary effects to adult businesses. They expose those studies as being seriously and often fatally flawed.

They also report that scientifically valid research shows no negative secondary effects of adult businesses and sometimes indicates positive effects on communities. Among the beneficial effects can be jobs and a stronger economy.

Other research indicates that rabid anti-sex attitudes, such as those displayed by the backers of S.B.16, contribute to crime.

Sex therapist and researcher Aileen Goodson says “fundamentalist theological thinking – which tends to promote body shame and sexual repression – is far more prevalent among sex offenders than among the general population.”

A leading expert on sexual violence, Dr. John Money of Johns Hopkins Medical School, reports that mot people who engage in sex crimes were raised with strict anti-sexual, repressive attitudes. He predicts that “current repressive attitudes toward sex will breed an ever widening epidemic of aberrant sexual behavior.”

The First International Conference on the Treatment of Sex Offenders, held in Minneapolis in 1989, included similar predictions. Key participants there agreed that Western societies with repressive sexual attitudes and traditional male-female roles are likely to have high rates of all forms of sex crimes.

If these experts are correct, S.B.16 could harm Ohio’s economy and contribute to higher crime rates. Their research should have been seriously considered in the debates about the bill.

I could go into all the “numbers crunching” and try to explain about lost tax revenue and unemployment and all that shit, but to be honest; those numbers don’t really mean anything to most people. If you want to know how much adult entertainment effects the economy of an area I’ll give you an example.

The mayor of Cleveland himself spoke out about this bill, calling Mr. Burrass and his cronies by name and telling them to pretty much mind their own business. If the city of Cincinnati doesn’t want adult entertainment and have decided such… then fine, but don’t try to tell him how to run his city.

The city of Cleveland makes quite a bit of money indirectly from gentleman’s clubs and such. A major source of revenue for the city is made from conventions, and the money that attendees spend while they are in town. And as we all know a major reason people attend conventions is for the fun and good times that are to be had while at a convention.

If you know anyone that has attended a convention recently, ask them about it. Nine times out of ten you’re going to hear a response that sounds very similar to this: “Mr. Fill in the Blank gave a rather good lecture about something or other and blah blah blah, but man afterwards we all went out to the bar got smashed and went to the titty bar! I had a great time; I can’t wait till next year….”

Ohio is already a state that has passed a smoking ban, making it illegal to smoke in any building that has employees, does not offer gambling, and now wants to do away with adult entertainment… that just screams tons of fun!

To put things into perspective, Detroit is just as easy to fly into as Cleveland is, and Detroit offers gambling, has no smoking ban whatsoever, and will not throw you in jail for shaking the hand of the bartender at the titty-bar… where are you going to have a better time? Hmm?

That’s right, the “six foot” stipulation in this legislation applies to everyone except the Janitor, and physical contact of any kind is punishable by jail time for both parties. Your waitress can’t serve you your drinks, the door person can’t accept your money, and God forbid if there were a physical altercation, because the bouncers can’t get within six feet of you either. So when that drunk ass hole, that we would have escorted out of the building hours ago, decides that you’re looking at him funny and tries to assault you, you have to fend for yourselves, because if we help you; we’re going to jail too.

Ladies don’t think that this law doesn’t effect you too. If we loose this fight, it’s not just the strip clubs that will be forced to close, but also the adult book stores, and if there are no adult book stores, then where are you guys going to by those “rubber wieners” you guys like so much. I’ve been in those stores and I know the fellas aren’t buying all of those things. If you haven’t been in an adult book store lately, there are more of those sex toys in there than there are nudie magazines, it‘s no secret who the big spenders are in those stores. Incidentally, Cincinnati is also a city where you are not able to buy/own a dildo… that’s food for thought, huh?

  1. October 4, 2007 at 11:04 am

    I think it is really a shame that Christian do gooders would go against the Bible’s message of free will to impose their beliefs on another. Even if they succeed, what kind of victory is it? I’m no religious person, but I think that if there is a god, it’d much prefer that “sinners’ come to him of their own volition. I haven’t stripped in many years, but it was a great living and the freedom I experiened was unlike any other job.

    Here is me talking to Tucker Carlson about it. Here is a link to me discussing some of the same on The Liberated Space.

    Good luck with your fight. Let me know if I can help.

  2. October 4, 2007 at 3:08 pm

    WOW Tucker Carlson, that’s really cool, and even cooler that you mentioned what’s going on here in Ohio while you were on there.

    As far as help, the biggest help that you or anyone else who reads this could do, is to just spread the word and get the information out there. Election day is just about a month away and it’s all about the information now. “Leave Us Alone” in my blogroll is a really good source of information about whats going on in our battle with the C.C.V. and the religious right wing.

    Thanks again for taking the time to look, and read what I have to say Miche, & anyone else who is reading this.

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