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Musical Revolation

September 29, 2007

Not much going on still other than the usual work bullshit and this damned Senate Bill 16/Issue 1 stuff, but I’m not trying to dwell on that stuff right now. I’ve let it take over too much of my life and just need to take a minute or two for myself… then I can go back to the usual grind of fighting the C.C.V. and protecting American Freedoms! LOL

I thought I’d take a couple of seconds and share a recent musical discovery with you, Maksim Mrvica, a Neo-Classical artist I happened to stumble upon not too long ago. Somebody gave me a link to “Nostradamus” and I was hooked. I’ve really been into Industrial Rock thing here lately but I love music that has a kind of “orchestral” feel to it too, and this was just the perfect blend of those two things… awesomesauce I’m telling ya, awesomesauce!

Neo-Classical is not a genera of music that I’m very familiar with but it’s defiantly one that’s got me hooked. Here’s a couple of links to some vids by him, check em out and lemme know what ya think


Child In Paradise


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