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Ohio Senate Bill 16 / Issue 1

September 16, 2007

I wrote this the other day to post on my club’s web site, but it’s kind of relevant to what’s going on in my life right now too. So I figured I’d share it with all of you.

Dear Friends of *Name Edited to Preserve Anonymity*,

With the elections coming up in November, I thought it might be a good time to inform everybody of what exactly is going on with Senate Bill 16, and again stress that if you enjoy your freedoms and want to continue to enjoy them, that you MUST VOTE.

As many of you may, or may not know, the religious right wing has taken it upon themselves to try and impose their beliefs on all of us in the fine state of Ohio. The “religious right wing”, more specifically the C.C.V. (Citizens for Community Values) out of Cincinnati, has tried to, and succeeded in, getting legislation passed that would effectively put an end to all adult entertainment throughout our entire state. Through what can only be described as “cunning” and “devious” tactics, they were able to sneak this bill through the house and senate, and have it placed on the Governors desk to be signed into law without letting you, the people of Ohio, have their say.

As an industry, we have seen such a storm brewing for quite some time and were not caught completely off guard by their actions. The club owners and employees have, for the most part been able to put their differences aside, and come together under and organization called B.A.C.E. (The Buckeye Association of Club Executives) to fight for your rights as Americans to enjoy adult, or any other type of entertainment, that you choose. For the past several months we have all been working exhaustively to raise enough money to fight this blatantly anti-American law, but what it ultimately boils down to is you… we CANNOT do this without YOU.

The first part of the battle has already been won, but the war is far from being over. We, as an industry, were able to get an injunction against this bill before it was signed into law. What this means is that we have effectively put a “hold” on this law, keeping it from going into effect. This “hold” is by no means permanent, it’s only a temporary injunction until you the people can have a chance to vote on it and voice your opinions.

In November, this issue WILL be on the ballot so that the people of Ohio can have a chance to voice their opinions. I cannot stress enough how important it is to vote this November 6th, and if you enjoy adult entertainment of simply believe that a person should have the right to choose rather or not he/she would want to partake of such entertainment, VOTE NO on ISSUE 1.

If you are not a registered voter, we have voter registration forms here at the club. It only takes a few seconds to register, all you have to do is ask, we will provide you with the forms, explain how to fill them out, and even turn them in for you. Your voter registration card will arrive in the mail within a few weeks after that.

As a whole, we have been able to raise the $400,000 a week that was required to get this injunction and be able to have the issue put on the ballot for you the people to vote on. But now that we have it on the ballot, we really have to step it up on the fund raising. From now until Election Day it’s going to cost roughly one million dollars per week to get the word out and inform the general public as to what exactly is at stake.

This bill will effectively put 10,000 people out of work and take approximately 250 million dollars per year in tax revenue from our already burdened state. But the most important thing to know is that this bill will take away even more of your freedoms. This legislation will take away your freedom to choose, and rather you enjoy adult entertainment or not, as an American your freedom is a very precious thing, and you should not be afraid to protect it. So remember the next time you in our club, or any club, when you support B.A.C.E., you support your freedom.

All proceeds from our t-shirt sales are donated to B.A.C.E. along with every dollar made during our “Dollar Dances”, and there is always that little glass box up at the front bar labeled B.A.C.E. that you can make donations in.

We have several industry wide fundraisers coming up and will keep you informed as more information is made available to us through B.A.C.E. . One of the most exciting events that are going to be taking place is an industry wide formal dinner, with speakers form all over the country and from all aspects of the business, from dancers, to publishing companies, to adult actresses and actors. This will be a chance for our patrons to meet and mingle with some of the most influential people in the adult entertainment industry. We will keep you posted on all of the details of that event as they become available.

As I wrap things up I would like to take a moment and speak to you all on a personal level. I know that adult entertainment is not for everybody, but everybody should have the option to choose rather it is for them or not. How would you feel if someone who had morals and beliefs different than yours were to take it upon themselves to force you to live and believe the way they do. Our troops battle everyday against such individuals in our nation’s “War on Terror”. Their tactics may be a little different than that of the C.C.V. but their motives are still the same: “Believe the way we believe, or we will MAKE YOU.”

I leave you with a quote from Phil Burress, President of the C.C.V. – “Right to read? It’s a bunch of hogwash. You don’t have the right to read anything you want!”

That simple quote should be enough to show you exactly how they regard your rights and freedoms.

*Real Name Also Edited*

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