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The End of a Long Quest

September 5, 2007

Well as you all know… I’m a toy collector; I collect some of the toys that I had when I was a kid, and their modern day counterparts. I get a bit of joy from being able to reclaim part of my childhood when I sit in my office and look at my collection. It feels good to be able to escape the everyday pressures of being an adult for a few minutes and just get lost in the innocence of yesteryear.

No matter what it is that you collect, there’s always that hard to find object that just kind of drives you buggy because of it’s elusiveness, sort of a “Grail“ if you will. For me over the last six or seven months that object has been a toy from the Go-Bots line called “Monsterous”. Monsterous is comprised of several smaller robots that combine to form one large robot, commonly referred to as a “combiner”.

I know that among collectors this not a particularly sought after piece. Not because there’s anything wrong with him, but because he’s not a particularly well know character from a not too particularly well know line of toys. Go-Bots were generally regarded as “generic” Transformers back in the 80’s (yea I’m that old), therefore didn’t have the fan base to support a large collecting community like the Transformers did or do.

This toy however for me has some sentimental value, and after coming across a couple of the smaller bots that form him in a box of my old toys, I was hell bent on finding the rest of him and completing the figure.

As a child he was the only “combiner” type toy that I owned, and I didn’t just own him, I won him. I earned this figure all on my own. I grew up poor and therefore most of my toys came from garage sales and second hand stores, but this was one of the few toys that I had gotten brand new. I won him in a “kiddy tractor pull” at Quality Farm & Fleet, he was my trophy! I pulled a trailer loaded full of weights with a peddle tracker farther than anyone else in my age group, and he was all mine!

After finding three of the six robots that formed him, I made it my “quest” to find the other three and make him whole again. The first two I found rather easily on eBay. They cost a little bit more than I thought they should have, but in a supply and demand economy sometimes that’s the case. They had what I wanted and I had to pay if I wanted them.

The last figure, South Claw, was another story though. After months of searching for him in eBay, both by name and just looking at what seemed like thousands of pictures on auctions simply labeled as “Go-Bots” or some such, I had all but given up.

Then one day after sifting through the googolplex of irrelevant search results that Google will so nicely provide you with, I stumbled across a small site that catered to the “collector” trying to complete his vintage figures. Not only did they have the last figure that I needed to finish him up, he was only going to cost me $6.00. This site, FortMax.com, helped me get back a piece of my childhood, and they didn’t even rape me to do it. I grudgingly paid $20 for one of the “easy” to find figures I needed on eBay, but these guys provided me with that last hard to find figure for what I felt was a great price, and I didn’t even get screwed on the shipping cost like so many eBay sellers will do.

So here he is in all his glory 🙂


Home sweet home



And some box art


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