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Whuu-hu-hu-hut Theeeee Fuck!?!?

August 31, 2007

Senator Larry Craig, Whuu-hu-hu-hut Theeeee Fuck!?!? Jeezus man, in an airport bathroom? As a matter of fact, the republican party as a whole… What the fuck? These guys are supposed to represent the “moral majority”, the party of standards, home of the religious right wing, and being in the business that I’m in you can just imagine the load of shit these guys give me at every fucking turn.

The “party of standards”, who the fuck are they kidding? These are the same people that vote against gay marriage, homosexuals in the military, and do everything they can to protect the sanctity of marriage and family, up to and including: frequenting brothels, having gay sex with male prostitutes while hopped up on crystal meth, seducing under aged children working as pages in the capital, raping their wives in the ass while they sleep, and trying to get other males to have sex with them in an airport restroom while taking a shit.

I don’t want to jump on the band wagon and start bashing these guys, but they make it so hard not to. This is the same party that tried to sneak through state wide legislation that would effectively put adult entertainment out of business in my state… they want to take food out of my family’s mouths to appease the religious right wing, but it’s okay to molest little children. Having someone of the opposite sex dance topless in front of you will destroy marriage and turn you into a raging fucking drug addict, but going to whore houses and putting your wieners in little boys butts… that’s fucking great for your family, nothing wrong with that at all.

If anybody starts asking questions: just raise the terrorist alert level, point your fingers at the Democrats, start calling them all pussies, and saying that they’re soft of “terror“, right?

Don’t get me wrong, the Democrats do their share of dirty shit too, but they’ve been pretty quiet since that whole Monica Lewinski thing, and speaking of which…

It’s kind of funny how the Republicans were so quick to try to impeach somebody for having an “out of marriage relationship” with someone of the opposite sex, who was also a consenting adult, when so many of them are sucking the cocks of male hookers, and getting rammed up the ass while doing suit cases full of hard core drugs with their wives neatly tucked into bed for the night seemingly unaware of their activities.

For a party that has taken the “hard line” against homosexuality, there sure do seem to be an awful lot of “faggots” in there.

I hate to knit-pick but I’ve listened to this ass hole try to explain away his actions, and how they were all misconstrued… Whuu-hu-hut Theee Fuck? Man if you’re going to lie, at least try to make it sound believable. When asked specifically about play footsie with that cop in the bathroom, his response was to say that he is what you would call a “fairly wide guy“, and when he sits down he has to spread his legs farther than an average sized person would, and their feet may have accidentally touched…

I’m also what you would call a “fairly wide guy” and when I sit down to take a shit; my pants are still around my ankles, meaning that I can only spread my legs as far apart as I am wide. So unless he was wider than the stall, there’s no way he accidentally touched the other guy’s foot with his.

How the fuck are going to pick up a piece of toilet paper off of the floor of a public restroom with the hand that’s on the opposite side of your body as the piece of paper is, with a turd hanging out of your butt? You have to know that your ass is going to lift up off of the seat, and you’re just going to make a mess. LOL. Okay I’m exaggerating a little bit with this last one, but it’s still a stupid excuse to have your hand underneath the stall. And who picks up dirty toilet paper off of the floor of a public restroom anyways?

Seriously, I watched the press conference that this guy held after the story “broke“ , and it was like watching a three year old lie after getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar. All the stammering and backpedaling were not becoming of a senator, I mean, you lie for a living why should you let a couple of dick questions rattle your chain, or do they just hit a little too close to home? Hmmm?

Okay, let the flames and the hate mail begin, I stepped in a hot one this time and I know it.

  1. Deb
    September 2, 2007 at 2:41 pm

    Totally agree. Sick of this granstanding by the Republican party. Family values…give me a break. See how fast Mr. Romney distanced himself from that hypocrital shithead. Who does pick up a piece of toilet paper off a public bathroom? Disgusting behavior from a guy who bashes the gays any chance he can get. I’m not a lesbian but I feel that love is love and whatever you do behind close doors is your business. Have some self respect and do your sexcapdes behind close doors. Geez

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